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Most Popular Policies of Universal Sompo Health Insurance

  • Universal Sompo Individual Health Insurance Plan
    This individual health plan offers complete financial protection to policyholders.
    Key features of Individual Health Insurance Plan
    • Add-on cover available
    • coverage for critical illnesses with add-on cover
    • In-house claim-settlement
    • Entry-age up to 55 years
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  • Universal Sompo Private Car Insurance Plan
    This comprehensive plan offers coverage against personal accident of the policyholder, damage of his and her car and third party liabilities.
    Key features of Private Car Insurance Plan
    • Liability to paid driver or any workman
    • Availability of add-on covers
    • Coverage against accessories loss
    • Personal accident coverage for passengers
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  • Universal Sompo Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy
    This health plan is designed to cover the treatment expenses of people over 60 years of age.
    Key features of Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy
    • Domiciliary Hospitalization expenses covered
    • Daily cash allowance available
    • Accompanying persons' expenses are covered
    • Free health check-up in every 3 years
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  • Universal Sompo Hospital Cash Insurance Policy
    This health cover offers daily cash allowance for normal hospitalization.
    Key features of Hospital Cash Insurance Policy
    • Lifetime renewal option available
    • Hospital Confinement Benefit is available
    • Intensive Care expenses are covered
    • Availability of Convalescence Benefit
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Universal Sompo Private Car Insurance

When you own a car, it is mandatory to have third-party insurance done and it is also important that you get car insurance done as you never know what might happen on the road. Think about the Lamborghini car that went up in flames recently in Delhi? What would have happened to the owner if the car was not insured? Most middle class Indians buy cars in EMI and it is a dream that many people nurture. Insurance ensures that unexpected costs relating to the car are taken care of.

The Universal Sompo Private Car Insurance policy covers any private cars used for personal, social, domestic, as well as professional purposes, but does not cover vehicles used for racing, reliability trial, pace making and speed testing or any other purpose related to the motor trade industry. Universal Sompo Two Wheeler Insurance Policy is one policy that you can choose for your car and here are its details.

Key Benefits of the Policy

The Universal Sompo Private Car Insurance policycovers damage or loss of the vehicle arising due to any of the following:

  • Fire explosion
  • Lightening
  • Self ignition
  • Burglary or theft
  • Terrorism, riot, strike or due to any other malicious act
  • Earthquake, flood or any other natural calamities including landslides, mudslides etc.
  • External accidental means
  • Air / rail / road / inland waterway transit etc.

The policy also covers any damage to life or property of third party due to your car arising out of any accident where you vehicle is involved and this is something that is mandatory. All two wheeler vehicle owners need to invest in third party insurance under the Motor Vehicle Act.

The Universal Sompo Private Car Insurance policy also provides cover for Personal Accident for the owner driver.

Extensions offered

Apart from what mentioned above, the

Universal Sompo Private Car Insurance

Policy also covers the cost for the following:

  • Loss of any of the car’s accessories
  • Legal liability to any workman, cleaner or the paid driver
  • Personal accident coverage to the occupants of the car
  • Cover upto Rs 7.5 lakhs for third party property damage

What are the add-ons for this policy?

There are add-on covers available with the Universal Sompo Two Wheeler Insurance Policy and that includes the following:

Nil Depreciation Cover

: This covers the repair and replacement cost of vehicle parts and you do not need to pay anything at the time of damage or replacement and a little percentage more than the IDV value at the time of the insurance purchases.

Return to Invoice

: This is a low cost way of protecting your two-wheeler and this depends on the depreciation value of your vehicle. This includes theft and burglary and no coverage is available if your car is recovered within 90 days of theft.

Accidental Hospitalization Clause for Family

: This covers the inpatient costs of family members injured for being inside the car and traveling while the insured car met with an accident.

There are many such add-ons that you can opt for with the

Universal Sompo Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

like road side assistance, key replacement, hydrostatic lock covers, secured towing, daily cash allowance and many more.

Roadside assistance includes onsite minor repairs, locked or lost keys, fuel delivery etc.

Important Salient Features

The salient features of the Universal Sompo Private Car Insurance policy include:

  • The policy offer discounts when it comes to opting for higher voluntary excess
  • The policy also offers discount when it comes to provision for any anti-theft device that has been installed in your vehicle for one that is approved.
  • The policy offers concession for any modification made in the vehicle for handicapped, mentally challenged and blind persons

What is not covered by the Universal Sompo Private Car Insurance Policy?

There, are however, some limitations like:

  • Accident costs are not covered outside the geographical area
  • Normal depreciation, wear and tear and consequential loss
  • Accidents or damage done when driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or driving without a valid license
  • Driving the vehicle not as per ‘Limitation as to use” that has been mentioned under the policy.