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Most Popular Policies of Universal Sompo Health Insurance

  • Universal Sompo Individual Health Insurance Plan
    This individual health plan offers complete financial protection to policyholders.
    Key features of Individual Health Insurance Plan
    • Add-on cover available
    • coverage for critical illnesses with add-on cover
    • In-house claim-settlement
    • Entry-age up to 55 years
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  • Universal Sompo Private Car Insurance Plan
    This comprehensive plan offers coverage against personal accident of the policyholder, damage of his and her car and third party liabilities.
    Key features of Private Car Insurance Plan
    • Liability to paid driver or any workman
    • Availability of add-on covers
    • Coverage against accessories loss
    • Personal accident coverage for passengers
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  • Universal Sompo Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy
    This health plan is designed to cover the treatment expenses of people over 60 years of age.
    Key features of Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy
    • Domiciliary Hospitalization expenses covered
    • Daily cash allowance available
    • Accompanying persons' expenses are covered
    • Free health check-up in every 3 years
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  • Universal Sompo Hospital Cash Insurance Policy
    This health cover offers daily cash allowance for normal hospitalization.
    Key features of Hospital Cash Insurance Policy
    • Lifetime renewal option available
    • Hospital Confinement Benefit is available
    • Intensive Care expenses are covered
    • Availability of Convalescence Benefit
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Universal Sompo Health Insurance

The Universal Sompo Health Insurance is one of a kind and in fact, it is the first plan in the Indian insurance industry that is private in nature. The nature of this policy is that of a private partnership and it provides financial support against critical health related issues such as personal accidents, some sort of disability, and some others. The features of the Universal Sompo Health Insurance have been discussed in detail as under:

Key Features

Since the Universal Sompo Health Insurance is a new policy and a very different one, it is important to mention the key benefits of the policy, as discussed under:

  • Maximum of 4 members covered:

    With the Universal Sompo Health Insurance, you would be able to secure a financial cover for 4 family members, which includes 2 adults and 2 children.

  • Complete hospitalization cover:

    Not only would the expenses during the period of hospitalization be covered by the policy, but the expenses that occur 30 days before and 60 days after the hospitalization would also be covered.

  • Free Health Checkups:

    with the Universal Sompo Health Insurance, you would not have to spend much on the health checkups as they would be provided for free.

  • Renewable:

    A great benefit of the

    Universal Sompo Health Insurance

    is that it is renewable up to 70 years of age, that is, a person can just pay the renew amount and get the policy for another period of time.

  • Pre-Existing Diseases covered:

    The pre-existing diseases of the insured person would also be covered, after a certain period of time. Generally, this time period is of 4 years

Major Exclusions:

  • First 30 Days:

    Any treatment that the insured takes within first 30 days of policy would not be covered, unless it is the case of an emergency.

  • Cosmetic Surgeries:

    In case the treatment of any accident does not require cosmetic surgery, it would not be covered.

  • Other exclusions:

    intentionally caused injuries, preexisting diseases, maternity related problems would not be covered.

Details of the Policy




Speedy Policy

The policy can be bought within a few minutes, thanks to the online payment system


Flexible sum assured

Depending upon the policy is taken for individual or family, the sum assured can be flexible from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 10 lakh


Entry Age

A baby of 3 months and an adult of 55 years can avail the benefits of the Universal Sompo Health Insurance policy.


Cashless treatment

As many as 4000 hospitals across the country are covered under the cashless facility

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Would health card be provided?

Yes, under the Universal Sompo Health Insurance, you would be provided with a health card which you can use to avail the cashless facility at various hospitals.

  • Are the cosmetic procedures covered under the policy?

No, any cosmetic procedures which are not a result of accidental treatment, would not be covered under the policy.

  • What if I cancel the policy?

In case the policy is canceled, you would be no longer insured and the refund amount would be given to you as per the interest rates at that time.